Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between adults who are or who have been in a relationship together. It doesn't matter whether you are married, cohabiting or in a same sex relationship, everyone is entitled to the protection of the court.

Our lawyers regularly help victims of domestic abuse. We understand the issues that you face and know the best ways of handling them.

How extensive is domestic abuse?

Although domestic abuse is chronically under reported, research estimates that it:

  • Accounts for 16% of all violent crime
  • Has more repeat victims than any other crime (on average there would have been 35 assaults before a victim calls the police)
  • Claims the lives of two women each week and thirty men each year

How can the law help victims of domestic abuse?

The law provides fast and effective remedies for all victims of domestic abuse.

The court has the power to make comprehensive orders prohibiting an abuser from committing acts or threats of violence, and also to exclude an abuser from the family home, the workplace and any other defined area such as the children’s school.

In the most urgent cases we can obtain court orders immediately and without the abuser knowing. Once an order has been obtained, and served on the abuser, any breach of the order is a criminal offence punishable by up to five years imprisonment.

In less urgent cases, where the matter complained of falls short of acts or threats of violence but nonetheless is a course of disturbing action which amounts to abuse, MCP can still help and orders can be made.

How can we help victims of domestic abuse?

We can help you obtain a court order against a violent partner or ex-partner. We regularly deal with domestic abuse cases and understand both the emotional and practical implications involved.

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