Costs for Family Law Services

We offer clients competitive and flexible funding arrangements, tailored to suit individual needs where appropriate.

In some circumstances, we are able to give clients the option to pay their legal costs at the conclusion of their case, at a slightly higher rate than our normal hourly rate, provided there is a financial settlement from which legal costs can be recovered.

We offer the first appointment for a fixed fee, which covers up to an hour with a fully qualified solicitor, and a typed note of our advice sent to you afterwards.

Fixed Fee Divorce

We offer a Divorce Plan which includes a Fixed Fee for all steps through to the pronouncement of the Final Order dissolving your marriage or civil partnership. This applies if you are the Applicant in the divorce, that is the person who starts the divorce.

How much you will have to Pay

The fees are as follows:-

Our Fees £650 plus VAT
Court fee on filing the Application for Divorce £593.00 maximum, but see below for information on exemptions from the court fee.

Total: £1373 maximum

Many people are exempt from paying all the court fee, you can apply to the court for a full or partial exemption and the court will decide that by reference to your income and capital.

Other than the fees listed above, it may be necessary to obtain a copy of your marriage certificate. You can obtain this yourself, but if you would like us to do this for you we will charge £20.00 + VAT and you will also need to pay the registrar’s fee, typically around £10.00.

Our Fixed Fee Payment Plan covers the issue of an Application in the Court and then all steps that are required to obtain a Final Order of Divorce or final order dissolving a Civil Partnership.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when matters are not straight forward and we reserve the right to increase the costs if extra work becomes inevitable. For instance:

(a) Your husband/wife refuses to return the Acknowledgement of Service which confirms to the Court that they have received the papers. Alternative methods of service have to be considered with additional charges. This would be agreed with you before fees are increased.

Work not Included in your Payment Plan

  1. The fee for obtaining a certified copy of your marriage certificate (typically around £10.00).
  2. Any work involved if your Application becomes opposed by your husband/wife or if the Application needs amendment once it has been issued by the Court.
  3. Process Servers or court bailiff’s fees in the event that the papers have to be served personally on your husband/wife who has failed to return the Acknowledgement of Service.
  4. Any advice or representation in relation to property, finances or children.

What are the Costs of Dealing with Property, Finances and Children?

Within all divorce proceedings, it is necessary to resolve the financial matters between the parties and there could be issues concerning any children. These important issues are not covered by this package.

Speak to one of our lawyers and ask what is involved and likely cost. We may be able to agree a fixed fee for assisting you with these issues in some circumstances..

If you need advice or support with a family matter contact us now.