Collaborative Law

The Collaborative approach to relationship breakdowns provides a fundamentally different way for couples to sort out their legal problems without having to go to Court, whether they were married or lived together.

It is for couples who genuinely seek a fair solution and who want to minimise the pain and misery often associated with a relationship breakdown by dealing with their problems in a humane and civilised way. It avoids extensive and expensive correspondence between solicitors with a "them" and "us" approach and instead encourages the couple to sit down, around a table with their solicitors to work through the issues, at their pace and to find solutions that suit their individual circumstances.

It means the couple are in control and can cover what ever concerns them, whether it is in respect of their children, finances or divorce but in a new way without going to Court or getting into prolonged and expensive correspondence.

Collaborative Law provides couples with a real choice as to how they sort out the problems that arise when they separate. It helps deal with the emotional and psychological impact of a separation as well as the legal issues and encourages communication and not confrontation.

Steve Welcomme and Dawn Coller, our most senior lawyers, are collaboratively trained. They are able to offer this service from any of our five offices.

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