We have a team of experienced lawyers spread through the towns of King's Lynn, Peterborough, Thetford, Wisbech and Ely.

Going through divorce or separation is a difficult and emotional time. However, our lawyers understand the issues facing you. We know that you need prompt, accessible advice, provided in a sensitive and constructive manner.

Whether your divorce or separation can be resolved through agreement or you need to go to Court we are experienced, compassionate and ready to help you.

What legal criteria can lead to a Divorce?

You no longer need to prove fault or a period of separation in order to get divorced. The court will accept your declaration that the marriage has broken down and your husband or wife will not be able to oppose that. There are very limited grounds to oppose the divorce, which relate to whether the court has jurisdiction or whether the marriage was a valid one.

We can advise  you and guide you through the process of divorce whether you are the person applying or the respondent . You may also need advice about financial and children issues.

What are the stages of Divorce?

The stages of Divorce are:

  • Application for a Divorce
  • Conditional Order
  • Final Order

What is an Application for Divorce?

The Divorce process is started by the Application for Divorce.

Once the Application has been sent by the Court, it is issued and has to be sent to your husband or wife. There is then a 20 week period before any further steps can be taken in the divorce itself, but children and financial matters can be progressed during that time.

What is a Conditional Order?

The next and most important part of the Divorce process is known as the Conditional Order. This is the first stage of the actual Divorce. It is granted only when a Judge has reviewed all of the papers and is satisfied that they are in order, that the other person has been made aware of the application and that you are entitled to the divorce.

What is a Final Order?

The final stage of a divorce is called the Final Order. When you receive this, you are no longer married and are free to re-marry.

What will it cost ?

We offer a fixed fee of £650 + VAT. There is also a court fee of £573, although many people are exempt from paying all of that and you can apply to the court for a full or partial reduction which will depend upon your income and capital. For more information on costs please visit the page on Costs For Family Law Services

What are the financial aspects of Divorce?

Financial matters can be negotiated without going to court. If court proceedings are necessary, then the Judge will consider a number of factors when deciding who should get what, but the needs of any children will always be the main consideration. For more information please visit the page on Finances.