Dispute Resolution

Life doesn’t always run smoothly and disputes will arise from time to time.  When they do we are there to help you and to provide clear, sensible and practical advice.

Simply because there is a dispute it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to go to court. Indeed the Courts require you to consider alternative methods of resolving your dispute – Click here for our short guide to Alternative Dispute Resolution.

If however it is not possible to settle and court proceedings are necessary then we are more than qualified to fight your corner. Our Dispute Resolution lawyers are experienced in successfully making and defending claims in all courts ranging from claims worth a few thousand pound to multi million pound claims.

We have 6 members of our team who may work on your matter, they are all supervised by  Sarah Adlam  who is a partner. Sarah Adlam is supervised by Andrew Davies who is a Partner.

Covering your costs

We can usually offer an initial fixed fee interview to discuss your options, your prospects of success, the potential costs and how you might be able to cover those costs. We can often also offer fixed fees for much of the work we do for your case which can help manage the costs.

In certain circumstances we can offer a No Win No Fee agreement or you may have legal expenses insurance which would cover the cost. Most insurers will try to make you use solicitors of their choice but you don’t have to - we can discuss this with your insurers if necessary.

We are experienced in:

For help with a dispute, please contact Sarah Adlam (01733 865885, sarah.adlam@mcp-law.co.uk).