Property Disputes

Houses and other property are often your most valuable assets and can cause many disputes, ranging from disputes with co-owners to disputes about boundaries.


A dispute with a co-owner of your property can be particularly upsetting. You might be involved in a dispute about what each party’s share in the property is.  Whilst if you are married the situation regarding ownership of the property and who is entitled to what is relatively clear (please visit our Family Law pages), sometimes with co-habitees it is not.


Boundaries, particularly in rural areas are often marked inaccurately on plans or in some cases the boundary fence or wall has been erected in the wrong place so it doesn’t accord with the plan. Some home owners may be relaxed about this but others may feel strongly and wish to claim their full entitlement. Before entering into a dispute regarding boundaries speak to one of our Dispute Resolution lawyers. Such disputes can be costly and could affect your ability to sell your land in the future.

Party Walls

If you are considering undertaking works on your land that could involve a wall on your neighbour’s property, a joint wall or building, or if you are excavating near a neighbour’s property, then you need to comply with statutory requirements. That can include serving notices. If you want to start works, we can provide you with the assistance needed in relation to the Notices that need to be served. We can also help if your neighbour has started work without serving proper notices and you want it stopped.

Whatever the nature of the dispute or disagreement, it is often worthwhile taking advice at the outset as it can save time and money in the long run. We can offer an initial fixed fee interview where we will discuss with you your options, prospects of success, the potential cost and how those costs could be met.  Please contact Sarah Adlam to see if we can help (01733 865885,