Personal Disputes

There are many areas of life where people fall out. Neighbours arguing about boundaries, families arguing about inheritance, friends not repaying money lent to them, tradesmen providing poor services – unfortunately the list is long and varied.

Whatever the dispute at MCP our Dispute Resolution lawyers are skilled in dealing with these claims in a sensitive manner. We appreciate that they will often be very emotional times and we pride ourselves on trying to reach an amicable solution where possible as we appreciate that especially where family members, friends or neighbours are involved it is often not only the legal position that needs protecting.  We will discuss with you alternative ways of trying to resolve the dispute eg by mediation or arbitration so as to avoid court proceedings.  If however it is necessary to take the matter to court we are experienced in both bringing and defending claims and will fight your corner.

We can offer an initial fixed fee interview where we will discuss with you your options, prospects of success, the potential cost and how those costs could be met.  We will ensure that you are fully informed from the outset.

For help with a dispute, please contact Sarah Adlam (01733 865885,

For information regarding family disputes, please visit our Family Law pages.