Residential Property Pricing

We typically work on a fixed fee basis, ensuring that you know what the fees will be for your transaction from the outset.

If, during the transaction, there is a new development, we will discuss the change in fees with you and agree a way forward.

Our fees will depend on many variables, for example the price of the property, type of the property, number of buyers/sellers and whether a lender is involved.  We cannot therefore give an exact price without knowing all of the information first.   However, we can give the following helpful indications.

Each office has a team of Conveyancers who may work on your matter, details of the Conveyancers at each office including their experience and qualifications can be found under the Our Team area of our website. All members of the Property Department are supervised by Chloe Kitchen who is Head of the Property Department.

MCP Costs

Sale and Purchase

  • Fees typically range from £500.00 to £2,000.00 (+ VAT)
  • The average sale /purchase price - £250,000.00
  • Average MCP Fees - £950.00 + VAT

This includes the work needed to complete your sale or purchase, subject to the additional MCP costs listed below if they apply to your transaction


  • Fees typically range from £395.00 to £950.00 (+ VAT)

This includes the work needed to complete your re-mortgage, subject to the additional MCP costs listed below if they apply to your transaction

Additional MCP Costs

More common (most relevant transactions will require these services)

Mortgages - acting for your lender

  • Sale - repayment of mortgage - £50.00 + VAT
  • Purchase - taking new Mortgage - £100.00 + VAT

SDLT - advising and submitting SDLT return on a purchase - £75.00 + VAT

Online Dealing Fee - our costs for dealing with various online submissions - £10.00 + VAT

Funds Transfer/CHAPS/TT - If funds are transferred electronically either to your Seller’s conveyancers, lender or to you, an additional charge of £30.00 + VAT will be made for each transfer. 

Less common (not every transaction will require these services)

  • Freehold property with Management Company - £150 + VAT
  • Leasehold Properties 

Sale and Purchase 

  • Dealing with the Lease £150.00 - £350.00 + VAT 

Purchase only 

  • Landlord’s Registration Fees £150.00 + VAT
  • Deed of Covenant Fee £150.00 +VAT                             


Whilst most properties are registered, some are not.  If any property is unregistered, additional work is involved which will incur a further charge of £150.00 plus VAT on each relevant property.

Defective Indemnity Title Insurance

Occasionally there is a defect in the title which can be dealt with by obtaining cover under a title indemnity policy which will incur a further charge of £75.00 + VAT and/or Statement of Truth £100.00 + VAT.

Tenanted Property

If the property is being sold or bought subject to an existing tenancy (e.g. AST) then there will be an additional charge of £150.00 + VAT on each relevant transaction.

Shared Equity - £250.00 to £350.00+VAT

Help to Buy Loan - £150.00  to £250.00 + VAT / ISA £50.00 + VAT

Declaration of Trust

If you require a Declaration of Trust setting out how the property is co-owned, this will incur a further charge of between £200.00 to £400.00 plus VAT for drafting the declaration. This will vary depending on the complexity of the arrangement.

The above is not a complete and comprehensive list of additional costs but just those that are more common in practice.


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as Land Registry fees. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.

Typical disbursements are:-

  • Local, Water and Enviro Searches - Pack Price £150.00 + VAT
  • Official Copy Title Entries (sale & re-mortgage) - £6.00 + VAT
  • Land Registry Searches (purchase & re-mortgage) - £7.00 + VAT

Searches required may vary from region to region. Search packs do not include certain regional searches, for example some areas require a Coal Mining Search and this will attract an additional fee.  We will confirm if the property you are buying is in an area where additional searches are required.  

Stamp Duty Land Tax - see HMRC's website

Land Transaction Tax (Wales) - see the Welsh Revenue Authority's website here.

Land Registration Fees - see

Leasehold Only (sale & re-mortgage) - Landlord/Management Pack - £350.00 + VAT (approx.)

Leasehold Only (purchase & re-mortgage) - Notice Fee - £20.00 to £125.00 + VAT (approx.)

Landlord’s Registration Fees £150.00 + VAT (approx.)

Deed of Covenant Fee £150.00 +VAT (approx.)


We do not undertake tax advice.

Our fees are fixed, however there may be factors which would typically increase the cost of the fees estimated above. Where there is likely to be any additional cost, we will make sure you are informed of this at the earliest opportunity and a clear estimate of those extra costs will be provided.

Time Scales

For any transaction, the timescales are subject to change depending on multiple factors.

A typical sale/purchase will take between 8 - 12 weeks.

A typical re-mortgage will take between 4 – 6 weeks.

If any issue or time factors arise we will discuss this with you at the earliest opportunity so you always have a clear picture of how long things are likely to take.

Key Milestones

With every transaction there are key milestones, which may vary according to individual circumstances. Please see our guides relating to these milestones below.

Referral Fees

This firm assists a number of Estate Agents/ Intermediaries and other organisations, by providing legal services to their customers and joining their "panels" of preferred law firms.  As part of the referral arrangement this firm pays the Introducer a fee for introducing you to us.  We can assure you that you we will act independently and professionally for you, acting in your best interests at all times.  Our arrangement with the Introducer does not influence or constrain our professional judgment in relation to the advice we give you.

The Fees we pay range between £100 and £200 per case depending on the Intermediary. We do not charge you this fee in addition to our fees explained above.