Prison Law

We are one of the few Criminal Law Firms in East Anglia qualified and accredited to undertake Prison Law work. We are approved by the Legal Aid Agency to carry out Prison Law work and hold a Prison Law contract. Our Head of the department Julie Massen is a member of the nationally recognised Association of Prison Lawyers.

Whether you are seeking advice on a Parole review, recall to prison or an adjudication before the Independent Adjudicators or issues with your sentence calculation it is vital that you have expert legal advice.

Parole Hearings

We regularly represent Prisoners who are having their parole considered either at an oral hearing or a paper review. We deal with all types of parole cases, from representation on the papers to oral hearings for lifers and IPP Prisoners.


Our team specialise in representing prisoners facing a disciplinary action in the Prison before an Independent adjudicator. These prisoners are normally entitled to free and independent legal advice under the Legal Aid Scheme. 

We also specialise in dealing with sentence planning issues, recall, categorisation and offending behaviour programmes.

Privately Funded Work

With Legal Aid now limited, we can provide advice and assistance in relation to sentence planning, categorisation, offending behaviour  programmes,  pre-tariff parole review, transfers, HDC, and Cat A Reviews.  This advice can be provided under a fixed fee.

If you or a relative in prison require help or assistance with a Prison Law matter please contact Julie Massen on 01945 428029 or email