Good Divorce Week

MCP are proud to support Good Divorce Week 2018 led by Resolution who campaign for a fairer family justice system. This year’s Good Divorce Week is focusing on minimising the impact of conflict on children.


Good Divorce Week aims to provide practical help, highlighting ways for separating parents to put their children’s needs first, as well as calling on the government to urgently remove blame from the divorce process.


In a new YouGov poll, 79% of the population agreed that conflict from divorce or separation can negatively affect children’s mental health, a figure rising to 87% among those who experienced their parents’ divorce as children. 77% said conflict could affect children’s academic performance and a further two thirds felt social interactions and the ability to form healthy romantic relationships were also jeopardised.


One of the ways in which Resolution are hoping to minimise the negative effects on children is continuing their campaign for no-fault divorce and figures suggest that an overwhelming 79% of the public support measures that would remove blame from the divorce process.


Currently the only way a couple can divorce immediately is if there is an allegation of fault on the basis of either unreasonable behaviour or adultery. Around 60% of divorces in England are Wales are based on fault. The requirement to make an allegation of fault at a time when emotions are already running high can make it even more difficult to find a resolution when it comes to finances and child arrangements.


Studies have shown that it is not necessarily the separation or divorce itself that has an impact, but rather the conflict stemming from it that often has a detrimental effect on children. The hope is that by removing “the blame game” couples will be able to navigate the divorce process in a more amicable way and keep conflict to a minimum, thereby reducing the effect on children.


Resolution have made a number of resources available to both practitioners and the public to help them campaign to change the system and raise awareness of the long-term impact conflict can have on children. These are available at


As Resolution members, the family lawyers at MCP are committed to reducing conflict and agreeing to a non-confrontational way of working that puts the best interests of children first.


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