Coronavirus Notice and Risk Assessment Result

All our offices are running as usual except that we have closed our office doors to the public and we are arranging remote appointments instead of face to face meetings if possible, these can be by telephone or video calls such as Zoom or Skype for Business. We are still fully available to you by telephone, post and email.  Some of our staff are working from home, and they still have full access to our files and systems and telephones are being diverted to them at home.

We wish to reassure our clients and visitors that we have reviewed and are implementing the Government guidelines to enable us as a Firm, so far as possible, to reduce the spread of hte virus whilst continuing to provide a full service to our clients.

We are also implementing the following precautions:

  • Staff have been advised of the need to follow the current Government handwashing guidelines
  • Social distancing – staff have been advised to keep physical contact with clients and colleagues to a minimum. 
  • Staff have been instructed to advise if they have been abroad or if they are suffering any symptoms of Covid-19.  A decision will then be taken as to whether or not they should self-isolate in accordance with Government Guidelines.
  • Surfaces will be cleaned regularly, and staff are encouraged not to use their colleague’s equipment within the office. 
  • We will keep these policies under review and implement any new Government Guidelines as and when appropriate.

We do have a Business Continuity Plan in place and anticipate that in the event that any, or all, of our offices have to close our staff will still have access to our systems and will continue to send and receive emails and make and receive telephone calls.

Risk Assessment Results

MCP wish to ensure (so far as reasonably practicable) the health and safety of our staff, clients, suppliers, visitors and those we come into contact with in our working environment specifically in light of the current threat posed by the Coronavirus.  To this end we have, following updated Government Guidance, reviewed our Risk Assessment.  

As a result of this review MCP has implemented the following measures;  

  1. Where possible staff will continue to work from home with appropriate equipment and support.
  2. We will continue to implement strict hygiene requirements within our offices
  3. We will continue to require additional cleaning and sanitising regimes and will ensure (so far as possible) the provision of gels, wipes and other appropriate sanitising products for these purposes
  4. We will continue to limit  face to face meetings to essential meetings only. 
  5. We will continue to impose strict social distancing measures for the safety of our staff and any visitors
  6. We will provide such additional instruction and signage as is from time to time required to ensure compliance with Government guidance.  

Our Risk Assessment and Policies will continue to be monitored and reviewed as and when necessary.

It is hoped that by our all following these measures we will be able to return to a more normal working environment.