Working from Home

As you will have seen, we are still busy working to provide the standard of legal services that our clients have come to expect from us whilst keeping our staff and clients safe and respecting the current government guidelines.

This means that most of our staff have been working from home, a remote way of working that a lot of our staff had not experienced before. We have found that communication is key between our teams and across the firm as a whole to ensure that staff do not feel isolated or stressed in this difficult and unprecedented time.

In the office our teams are organised so that they are in close proximity to each other, meaning that they can readily communicate throughout the day with ease. During this time, while working remotely, we are trying to keep that up as much as possible by having regular video calls so that staff know what the plan is for the day, just as they would in the office.

Staff have been encouraged to try to set up dedicated workspaces at home where possible to create the best work/life balance when suddenly then ‘work’ is now in their own home. Some are finding the benefits of fewer interruptions and less stress from commuting, although some are welcoming the disruptions from pets!

Clients have been experiencing us using video conferencing to conduct appointments for the first time and finding innovative ways to get documents signed or witnessed so that matters can still make progress.

Remember that we are still open, please do get in touch if you need our services.