No Fault Evictions To Be Banned

It is estimated there are 11 million private renters in the UK at the moment and campaigners have long been fighting for better rights for tenants.  It has been announced that under proposed new laws landlords will no longer be able serve a section 21 notice on their tenants to evict them. This notice allows landlords to evict their tenants without a reason, a so called ‘no fault eviction’ where the landlord may want the property back for a number of reasons.

This has been hailed as a victory by campaigners as tenants will benefit from protection from being evicted without reason and long term security as landlords will have to serve a section 8 notice instead which can be more complicated and long winded. Following the section 8 route, landlords have to prove that one of a number of situations has occurred, for example arrears of rent.

It has been argued that landlords have used the section 21 method due to falling confidence in the courts to deliver results in cases where the section 8 method has been used. It is thought that section 21 notices are one of the biggest causes of homelessness in the UK today and this announcement is a welcome change for millions of people.

Whilst the changes are being brought in to stamp out rogue landlords in the sector it may also affect landlords who need to sell their property or perhaps need to live in it themselves due to a change in their circumstances. It has been suggested that new procedures will be brought in so that landlords will still be able to evict tenants, they will just have to give a legitimate reason as to why.

There has already been criticism that this change will mean landlords increase rental prices in a bid to drive out tenants if landlords want their properties back, however without any detail of the planned changes being announced it is difficult to see how this will effect the market at the moment.

If you are a landlord or a tenant worried about these proposed changes then please get in touch.