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Metcalfe Copeman & Pettefar LLP (MCP) Solicitors is a long established, substantial firm of solicitors based in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, with offices in Kings Lynn, Peterborough, Thetford and Wisbech.

Our lawyers deal with most areas of law, for both individuals and businesses, and we pride ourselves on our professional, friendly, cost-effective service.

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Have All Of Your Customers Paid On Time?

By calculating and demanding both statutory interest and compensation on commercial debts we can often recover an additional amount - over and above the original debt amount. That extra amount is often sufficient to cover our legal fees and leave an added bonus for you, our client. Read More

Important Tips For Residential Landlords

Every landlord hopes their next tenant will be the ideal person to live in their property. Unfortunately in a minority of cases, if the tenant does not pay rent or the landlord wants the property back for another reason, it is sometimes necessary to take possession proceedings. Read More

Children Issues On Divorce

The Supreme Court has recently made a ruling concerning separated parents where one parent decides to move abroad. In such cases, the Court found that children should be allowed to express a choice as to whether they want to accompany that parent to another country. Read More

Directors' Statutory Duties

When you are starting out in business, you might be advised to operate your business as a separate limited company for various reasons. You will probably be keen to benefit from limited personal liability and perhaps there may be some tax advantage. Read More

Hedging Success

MCP has recently represented a number of clients involved in disputes with their banks over Interest Rate Hedging Products. These are essentially insurance products were typically sold to small and medium sized businesses from 2006 onwards as a way of protecting them against further interest rate rises. Read More

Online Selling

Selling goods and services via the internet is becoming increasingly valuable, especially for new businesses. It allows trade all over the country and abroad from an office no bigger than a shoebox. Marketing online couldn’t be easier, particularly with customers able about to tweet about excellent customer service they have received. Read More